John Foulds - sheet music

Keltic Lament for Cello and Piano (1911)

Here is a remarkably beautiful work for cello and piano which was once very popular. But for a long time this intensely lyrical and Romantic work has been out of print and therefore unavailable to modern cellists.

Born into a music family in Manchester, Foulds (1880-1939) was entirely self taught, like Elgar. He became a cellist in the Hallé Orchestra and created a sound-world that was very different from other British composers.

Until about 70 years ago this piece was regularly performed and was a staple of the cellist’s repertoire but it became forgotten like much of Foulds’ music and then disappeared altogether from the publisher’s catalogue.

Sky Dance Press has now published a new edition of this hypnotic work.

A4, 10 pages: historical introduction, 3 photos. £15.00 Buy