Raymond Head - sheet music

Wind Quintet

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Orion's Cradle Nebula

Approximately 11 minutes

The piece was begun when I was interested in the idea of cosmic dust, the primordial source of everything, gradually coalescing to form blocks of matter which became new planets. Orion's Cradle Nebula is one such place where planets are "born". This idea made a deep imaginative impression on me and suggested music which was dance-like, followed by intense movement, juxtaposed with moments of ethereal calm.

First performed by Cardiff Winds, 13 February 2016. Listen to a recording of this performance here:

Score and set of parts £40.00 Buy

Toda Cambia (Everything Changes)

10 minutes

This piece was commissioned by Cardiff Winds for performance at RWCMD in Cardiff 2017 but for various reasons was not played. The initial idea for this piece came from seeing water dropping down onto a plant in a cave and then being told that the water had dropped in the 18th century! The idea of time (what is it?) permeates the whole piece. Apparently, it starts in the deserts of the Triassic Period and through various modifications goes into the Jurassic when life became abundant in the seas. But the whole piece is a metaphor for changing times when something new and hopeful is reached.

First performance by Cardiff Winds at the Lion Ballroom, Leominster, Herefordshire on Sunday 16th September 2018. Listen to a recording of this performance here: